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Recycling at the Cottage

Tradition is a big part of life in Canada’s cottage country, but when it comes to garbage disposal, it’s time for that tradition to change. In the past, garbage disposal has been an essential part of any stay in cottage country, practically becoming an attraction itself by allowing many tourists the chance to gain an extra glimpse of the wild life on their way to the local landfill. These trips however, began to take their toll on cottage communities, some of which were in jeopardy of having to close landfills from excessive dumping... read more

4 Amazing Garden Water Features

Water features may be the perfect decoration for your garden. They are mind-relaxing and look stunning. They can create an atmosphere of peace and harmony. Here you can find 4 amazing water features that will turn your garden into a very special place. read more

5 Steps to Attracting Beneficial Animals to Your Garden

If you are a gardening expert then you probably know that not all of the animals and bugs in your garden are bad for your plants. Some of them are even beneficial and help your plants grow better. Here you can find 5 steps that you need to take in order to attract beneficial animals to your garden. read more

How to Create a Cosy Cottage-Style Interior

A cottage-style interior can bring real comfort and cosiness to your home. This style is really pretty and very practical. Here you can find some interesting ideas that will help you add this amazing old-fashioned style to your home. read more



"We enjoyed meeting you and appreciated
the immaculate not
want to stay anywhere else." S. T.

"The Ladies Mantle, Dusty Miller, and money
plant, from your yard, are surviving. Thank
you for taking me to Cornell Plantations." L.B.

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Finger Lakes Getaway

217 Eastern Hghts Drive
Ithaca, NY 14850

B&B Amenities

- Queen, standard and twin beds
- Long term rentals.
- AC in rooms.
- Free Wireless Internet available.
- Private Baths.
- Spa Bath in Solarium.

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