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How to Create a Cosy Cottage-Style Interior

A cottage-style interior can bring real comfort and cosiness to your home. This style is really pretty and very practical. Here you can find some interesting ideas that will help you add this amazing old-fashioned style to your home.

1) Go vintage

Cottage style is usually associated with old-fashioned furniture and decoration. Choose vintage accessories and furniture. Get more rustic frames for your paintings and photos. Buy a wooden headboard for your bed. Get wooden hangers for your kitchen. Be creative and add vintage elements all over your house.

2) Add wood flooring

Wood flooring is also considered as a cottage-style interior. They will bring a cottage feeling to any room. It is great for the kitchen, the bedroom or the living room.

3) Use feminine fabrics

Feminine fabrics are warm and beautiful. They are also great for a cosy cottage-style interior. You can use soft feminine fabrics for the carpets, the linens or even for the decorative cushions. Floral motifs are also perfect. They create a cosy country atmosphere.

4) Use cottage colours

Colours are also essential when it comes to creating a cottage atmosphere. The usual colour scheme of this design consists of white and some soft pastels. However, you can also use an accent colour for one of the walls in the living room or for the kitchen island. Some of the most preferred colours are soft pink, yellow, mint green and baby blue.

5) Use natural materials

To create a rustic atmosphere in your home, you need to become really creative. You can make a coffee table out of tree trunks, or a great clock for the wall using a wood piece. There are so many interesting ideas that will add to the cosy feeling in the house. Most of them you can make yourself without spending too much money or time.

6) Add benches

Of course you can have a cosy sofa and a couch in the living room, but what about a nice wooden bench for the kitchen or the bedroom? Benches are really great for creating a rustic and casual atmosphere.

7) Find antique and unfinished furniture

As we already mentioned, vintage style is perfect for a cottage-style interior. The furniture is supposed to be antique and even unfinished. It needs to remind of the past. Wood is one of the most preferred materials for the furniture.

8) You can mix decors

If you want you can combine both cottage and modern style. Kitchen may be the perfect place to do that. For example, you can buy old-fashioned cabinets and add some modern counters. It will look really beautiful.

9) Think of the lighting

Lighting is really important for a cottage-style interior. Make sure that your rooms have enough bright light coming from the windows or from lamps. You can make lamps yourself using a jug or a vase. It will be really attractive and will add to the vintage feeling. You can add chandeliers or side lamps to the rooms.

10) Windows décor

Windows décor is important too. You can use floral draperies to get an awesome cottage look. You can also leave the windows bare in order to let the sunlight into your home.

11) Use lots of accessories

Accessories should be placed in every room. Use lots of candles, photo frames, charming cups and plates, old hats or even some musical instruments. Make them the centre of attention in your cottage-style home.

12) Throw pillows, rugs and blankets around

Pillows, rugs and blankets will make any room warmer and cosier. You will create a really comfortable space.

13) Add a fireplace to your living room

You can add warmth to your living room by creating a fireplace nook. It will be really homey and elegant.

Remember that a cottage-style interior is all about comfort. Whatever decoration or furniture you choose, make sure that they are simple and cosy. The most important things you could feel in a cottage-style home are warmth and relaxing atmosphere. It doesn’t matter if you are living in the country or in the city, you can create a cottage atmosphere anywhere. You just need to use natural materials, vintage antiques, lots of rustic accessories, soft and pastel colours and of course a proper dose of comfort and peace.



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