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Recycling at the Cottage

Tradition is a big part of life in Canada’s cottage country, but when it comes to garbage disposal, it’s time for that tradition to change. In the past, garbage disposal has been an essential part of any stay in cottage country, practically becoming an attraction itself by allowing many tourists the chance to gain an extra glimpse of the wild life on their way to the local landfill. These trips however, began to take their toll on cottage communities, some of which were in jeopardy of having to close landfills from excessive dumping. Enter Recycling, a practice that has been at work in the populated cities of our land for what seems like ages, now making its way into the far reaches of rural cottage country. Sure, recycling has always been there in a voluntary form, but it is only recently that it has become mandatory in the area, subsequently increasing its use as a form of garbage disposal at many landfills. For example, after only a single season in the Dysart et al Township, one of the first townships to make recycling mandatory, the process grew to encompass 38% of waste produced by cottages among six different landfills within the township.

What Can Be Recycled?

The increase in recycling was due in large part to the different waste materials that cottage communities allow to be recycled, often having superior systems than that of their metropolitan equivalents. This is in large part due to their ecological locations and structure, prompting them to keep the area as close to a natural habitat for the wild life as possible. Because of this emphasis on keeping the local environments intact, almost anything can be recycled in the area. A few different materials you might find a recycling bin for include: paper, plastics, glass, fibers, metals, and surprisingly even some organics are being collected!

Practices for Successful Recycling

  • Always ask first. It is better to distinguish what the local municipality allows into their recycling system first before you play the guessing game.
  • Eliminate odors. All waste products maintain some of their original scents and odors after use unless thoroughly washed and cleaned. This is problematic when dealing with local wild life.
  • Separate materials. It's always a good idea to sort the waste prior to taking it to the bins for easy disposal.
  • Always remember, it isn't just for you. People recycle all over the world and it isn’t just for their own benefit, but for the benefit of our planet as a whole, for our animals, for our environment, for us, and for future generations!



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you for taking me to Cornell Plantations." L.B.

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